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Is Vietnam Cheaper than India? Vietnam Cost of Living

Pawan Khatri
Is Vietnam Cheaper Than India

Is Vietnam Cheaper Than India?

When I was about to leave for a 25 day backpacking trip from South Vietnam to North Vietnam, I was being reminded by my friends that Vietnam is the cheapest country in Asia. And I was constantly wondering Is Vietnam cheaper than India?

In this article, I will breakdown 5 compelling reasons and comparisons proving that Vietnam is not cheaper than India. It is roughly the same or at times slightly more expensive than India.

It is rather difficult to compare cost of living between two countries because there are so many factors at play. The cost of living can drastically variate from one city to another city in the same country. Therefore, for the sake of simplicity, we’ll compare the capitals i.e. New Delhi in India and Hanoi in Vietnam.

Vietnam Cost of Living vs India Cost of Living

If we were give an estimate about the total cost of living (including stay, food, transport and leisure) in capital of Vietnam, we are looking at a minimum monthly expense of 35000-45000 INR for a very modest, shared accommodation kind of lifestyle. If you were to live a moderate middle class lifestyle and rent a private place to live then you’re looking at 65000-75000 INR a month. (Rate 1 INR = 293 VND).

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Whereas, talking about cost of living in Delhi. A very moderate shared accommodation lifestyle in Delhi can be anywhere between 20000-25000 INR and if you were to live a moderate middle class lifestyle and rent a private place to live then you’re looking at 35000-50000 INR a month.


A shared furnished accommodation in Hanoi would cost you anywhere between 15000-20000 INR whereas in Delhi it would cost anywhere between 8000-13000 INR. A basic private 1 Bedroom and 1 Living Room Apartment can cost you anywhere between Hanoi would cost you anywhere between 25000-35000 INR whereas in Delhi it will cost you anywhere between 15000-25000.


A home-cooked meal in Hanoi would cost you roughly 120-200 INR whereas one meal at a cheap street eatery would cost you anywhere between 200-300. In Delhi, the same figures would be 80-100 INR & 150-200 INR.


A quick an easy comparison for transport can be a bike taxi as in Delhi a 1-1.5 km bike taxi on rapido would cost around 50-60 INR but in Hanoi similar bike taxi on grab would cost 70-100. Similarly, cabs in Delhi for a distance of 2 kms would cost under 120-160 INR without surge but in Hanoi the same would cost 220-260 INR.

Calls & Internet Data

Unlimited Internet and calls for one month cost at least 650 INR in Hanoi but in India a monthly unlimited plan would cost under 300 INR. Point to note is that there’s a daily data limit in India but in Vietnam there is a monthly limit.

Water & Beverage

A small bottle of water which cost INR 10 in India, costs at least INR 24 in Vietnam. This is a very stark difference on something that is very basic. Also if you compare a coke can price, in vietnam it costs roughly INR 60 and In India it cost 45 at max.

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All in all, Vietnam is relatively inexpensive if you look at it as one of the foreign travel destination but if you compare it solely in terms of cost of living or cost of exploring it is slightly expensive than India and at some places it roughly the same amount. If you want a comparison from western perspective then you can check out this article –

Going To Vietnam For A Vacation?

In case you’re planning a trip to Vietnam, feel free to checkout this detailed guide regarding the visa process here – The process is fairly simple and straightforward.

Alternatively, you can also watch this youtube video, it has all the key information that you need to be aware of –

India To Vietnam

And just in case you’re planning a solo backpacking trip, here’s the backpacking route that I took on my 24 days trip in Vietnam

My Backpacking Route

South To North Vietnam

I landed in Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon.
Took a 7 hour bus ride to Mui Ne.
Took a 5 hour bus ride to Da Lat.
Took a 5 hour bus ride to Nha Trang.
Took a 12 hour Train ride to Da Nang.
Took a 1.5 hour Flight to Hanoi.
Drove to Hai Phong, Cat Ba & Lan Ha Bay on a rented Scooter.
Drove Back to Hanoi.