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Serolsar Lake Trek In Jalori Pass, Jibhi Trek

Pawan Khatri
Serolsar Lake Trek

Serolsar Lake Trek

If you are a movie buff and a mountain fan, I’m sure you would have been awestruck with the views of trek shown in the movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Dewaani. Well, parts of it were shot in Jalori Pass.

Serolsar Lake

If you like going to lesser known yet beautiful places, you’re looking in the right direction. Serolsar Lake is still a hidden magical place that has not become mainstream yet. It is known as one of the most beautiful easy level trek in the Tirthan valley. It is close to Jalori Pass (5 kms), Shoja (10 kms) and Jibhi (12 kms). If you start early morning then this could also become a day trip from Kullu (78 kms).

Situated at an altitude of 10500 ft and surrounded by alpine forests, it is a holy lake beside a small renowned temple of Buddha Nagini. The place experiences 6-8 ft deep snow in peak winters and the level of difficulty for this trek also goes up.

How To Reach Jalori Pass

There are a few ways to reach Jalori Pass which is the starting point of Serolsar Lake trek, you can take one that suits your itinerary and budget.

Public Bus

If you are straight up coming from Delhi, you can get down at Aut which is 20 kms before the Bhuntar ISBT. If you’re starting from Bhuntar ISBT then you can take a bus to Aut, then from Aut to Banjar and from Banjar to Jibhi or Shoja. The last bus from Banjar leaves at 6 PM, so you can plan accordingly.

Now, once you reach Jibhi or Shoja, you could probably stay overnight and take the bus next morning that starts at 7.30 AM followed by ones at 9-9.30 AM, 11.00 AM and finally at 12.00 PM. The last bus back to Jibhi however from Jalori Pass is at 3 PM which means that if you are late in returning from the lake to the pass then you are left with the only option of a private taxi that can cost a whopping INR 1000 for mere 12 kms. Also taking the 3 PM bus means not being able to enjoy the magnificent sunset from Jalori pass.

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Even though public buses are tedious to be honest, they are really cost effective and cheap when compared to other modes that one can use to get there.


You can also take a taxi from Jibhi to Jalori Pass and Back for almost INR 2000. It is definitely not cheap and rather steep but it is not very uncommon for taxi fares to be very high in tourist spots, specially on the mountains. It is understandable as it is also a way for the locals to make a living and since there is not an influx of people throughout the year, they try to make the most of the season.

Own Car/Rented Self Drive

Most of tirthan valley comes under the Kullu District. You can also come to the Jalori pass from Shimla as it is a pass that situated between Kullu and Shimla. If you are coming from Manali, instead of taking a right after the Aut Tunnel, you can take a left and move ahead to enter the Tirthan Valley. The roads are extremely narrow and tricky to drive in.

And for Jibhi to Jalori Pass the road is extremely steep, you need to be very cautious and never cross the second gear while coming down as you might lose control of your vehicle and brakes are not so reliable at such slopes. I had taken my new car to Jalori Pass and while coming back, I had a scary moment of braking too hard to avoid crashing into a bus.

Stays & Food

There are numerous homestays and hostels in Jibhi and Shoja. While jibhi is more convenient, shoja is more serene. Homestays cost around 500-600 per night and there are a few nice hostels, slightly on the upper side ranging from 600-700 per bunk bed and 1200-1300 for private room. We stayed in a wooden cottage homestay called Shringi Vatika.

Food is not a challenge in Jibhi at all, as there are plenty of cafes, restaurants and eateries. During my trip, we had delicious home cooked food at our home stay for a very reasonable price. And during the serolsar lake trek, we had the usual mountain offerings like maggi, momos and parathas.

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Details of Serolsar Lake Trek or Jibhi Trek

In normal condition with moderate snow, one can go up to serolsar lake from jalori pass in roughly about 2 hours one way. There are enough small shops where you could get momos, maggi, tea, coffee etc once you are close to the lake. The trek is not straight uphill but rather it is a mix of going up and down several times on both ways. The views are simply stunning, the initial point of the trek near jalori pass has a large green meadow which is famous for it’s stunning sunset.

Roughly around the middle point of trek, there is a cafe called called Cafe 360 which also acts as a view point that offers a 360 degree view of the mountain range. You can probably take a tea break at the spot and enjoy the views before you resume your trek towards the lake.

My Experience of Serolsar Lake Trek or Jibhi Trek

I had been to Serolskar Lake in March 2022 and it was surreal. I shot the entire thing as a Youtube Vlog. I recommend you watch it to get a better idea of the trek and it’s difficulty.


If you want to enjoy magnificent panoramic views of the mountains in tirthan valley, the serolsar lake trek is perfect for you. It is also not very difficult yet offers an amazing experience. In case you have any questions, comment down the post and also feel free to reach out to me on Instagram, Email or via the contact form.