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Is Thailand Visa on Arrival for Indians in 2023

Pawan Khatri
Is Thailand Visa On Arrival

Is Thailand Visa on Arrival for Indians in 2023

Thai VOA is known to be an easy tourist visa for Indians who are looking to spend a good time in Thailand. The visa allows a maximum stay of 15 days and it is a single entry visa. There are two modes to go about this visa –

  1. Manual Application Form at The Airport
  2. E-Visa on Arrival on VFS Portal

Before getting into the detail of which one of the above you should choose, let’s talk about the documents required for the said visa, which are same for both modes.

Maya Bay, Phi – Phi

Documents Required For Thailand Visa on Arrival for Indians

The list is short and easy to fulfil and it would not take long for you to put together the documents required for this visa –

1. Passport

You need to have a valid passport that has at least 6 months of validity left and at least 2 unused pages.

2. Return/Onward Flight

You need to show confirmed flight booking going out from Thailand within 15 days. It could either be a flight back to India or some other country, if that country is not visa free for Indians or does not offer visa on arrival then you need to show visa of that country too.

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3. Hotel Bookings

You need to show hotel bookings for your entire period of stay i.e. from the date you enter Thailand to the date your return flight is. You can use to make such bookings without making any pre-payment. However, in case of E-VOA, prepaid bookings are needed to be attached while filling the web form.

4. Health Insurance

You need to show a health insurance which has a minimum cover of 10000 USD and which cover COVID illness. You can probably buy the cheapest one from

5. Covid Vaccination or RTPCR

You need to show covid vaccination certificate of both doses with your passport number on it. If you did not use passport during getting your vaccines. You can now connect your passport to your vaccination certificate on CoWin Platform. In case you are not fully vaccinated, you need to carry an RTPCR Covid Negative Report not older than 72 hours to be able to qualify for the Thai Pass.

6. Thai Pass

The Thai Govt. has lifted the requirement of Thai Pass and it is not required anymore.

7. Boarding Pass

Boarding Pass of the airplane that you just arrived to Thailand In.

8. Visa Application Form & Photo

The application form available at the Visa on Arrival Counter needs to be duly filled with all details and one passport size picture needs to be attached of dimension 4 cm * 6 cm.

9. Arrival/Departure Form

An immigration form is given to all non Thai people on the flight. You have to fill the same with all relevant information and keep it ready for being shown at the VOA counter and immigration counter. Please note that one half of it after immigration is meant to be kept safely with you and same shall be asked for at the immigration when you exit Thailand.

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10. Proof of Funds

You need to show a minimum of 10,000 THB or equivalent in INR as proof of funds to be able to sustain the expenses during your stay in Thailand. This can be shown as bank balance on your phone with a downloaded bank statement, or in cash. Usually the chances of proof of funds being asked for is very low. In case, you are travelling with family, you need to show 20,000 THB combined.

11. Visa Fee

You need to carry 2000 THB in cash to pay the visa fee or you can carry 2200 THB for the priority line.

E-Visa on Arrival Via VFS –

You can choose to apply for E Visa on Arrival through VFS on this link –

It costs an additional 500 THB on top of 2000 THB visa fee. But it is definitely worth it, if you want to avoid long queues when you land and if you want less hassle. I chose this one for myself and the experience was very pleasant. The documents required are very much same except for fact that you should still carry them with you for verification.


Is Thailand Visa on Arrival for Indians in 2023, yes Thailand is Visa on Arrival For Indians and it can be a good choice as it is hassle free and easy to get with minimum covid related obstructions. If you wish to stay in Thailand for more than 15 days then you can check this guide that I compiled for Thailand Sticker Visa which allows 60 days of stay.