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Thailand Sticker Visa For Indians – 8 Essential Documents

Pawan Khatri
Thailand Sticker Visa

If you’re someone who does not want to stand in long queues for visa on arrival or you’re someone who wants to spend more than 15 days in Thailand, then Thailand Stamp Visa also known as Thailand Sticker Visa could be a really good option for you. Talking about visa for Thailand from India, the process is undertaken by VFS centres.

Thailand Sticker Visa

The documents requirements are rather elaborate and make the process a lot more difficult than a visa on arrival but it is significantly cheaper than visa on arrival and offers a longer stay period. In this blog, I will provide an in depth step by step procedure guide for getting a Thailand Sticker Visa

Documents Required

You have to be extremely careful while preparing documents for visa application. Even minor mistakes can lead to enquiry request or even rejection. Here’s a detailed list of documents that are required for your Thailand Tourist Visa –

1. Passport with validity no less than 6 Months and Two Blank Pages

2. Visa Application Form Duly Filled – Please note that Delhi Embassy has different form than other consulates in Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai etc. Download the relevant one from this link

3. Two Colour Photographs – 3.5cms x 4.5cms, with white background, without glasses and without covered head

4. Confirmed Air Tickets (Colour Printouts) – To Thailand and From Thailand – Travel website bookings such as easemytrip, happy easy go or any other would not be accepted. Also Email Confirmation Printouts are not accepted. Only original Airline Booking Itinerary downloaded from airlines website is accepted and is mandatory.

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5. Accommodation Proof (Colour Printouts) – Prepaid Travel Bookings are mandatory. Pay at Hotel Bookings are not accepted. If you’re willing to stay with Thai Friends or Relatives, must provide an invitation letter and Thai ID card from them. And if they are not Thai Nationals then their work permit or visa is required.

6. Bank Statement – Last Six Months Transactions on Original Bank Passbook Photocopy or Print Out of Bank Statement Downloaded From Net Banking. You have to visit your bank to get the printout or photocopy stamped and attested by your bank. Statements are not accepted without attestation. Your account should reflect a minimum of 700 USD equivalent amount in rupees. The last transaction of this bank statement should not be older than 5 days than the date of visa application.

7. Health Insurance – A valid health insurance with minimum cover of USD 20,000 and coverage of Covid 19. You can book the same online from

8. Income Tax Registration, Pay Slips, Employment ID, Student ID, Business License – This category is not mandatory but it is very much advisable. At least, you should attach your ITR and some kind of ID depending on your scenario, whatever is applicable on you.


You do not need to book any appointment for Thailand Visa at any of the VFS centres. Thai Visa Applications can simply be made via Walk In. Just make sure all your documents are as required and preferably carry cash as sometime their card machines do not work and you’ll have to go outside to withdraw cash. The risk is not worth it.

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Cost, Validity, Duration & Entries

Single Entry Visa – INR 2500 – Validity 3 Months – Stay – 60 Days Stay.

Multiple Entry Visa – INR 1200 – Validity 6 Months – Stay – 60 Days Per Entry.

VFS Processing Fee – INR 500

Processing Time

Submission Timings  are from 09:00 AM to 02:00 PM

Processing Time – 4 working days

The travel date should at least be seven working days away from date of application. There’s a chance of further verification enquiry to be placed on your visa application which can further extend the processing time.

Passport Collection Timings: – Monday to Friday 03:00 PM To 04:30 PM

Weekly off: – Saturday and Sunday

Pack Your Bags – Land of smiles is calling you.


A normal visa on arrival costs 2500 THB around 5000 Rupees and offers a stay of 15 days for single entry. In contrast, this sticker visa costs INR 3000 Rupees and offers a stay of 60 days and you also do not have to wait in long queues. If you have the time and patience, required documents and live in close proximity with one of VFS centres. Then, sticker visa definitely makes more sense.

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