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10 hrs from Delhi, Best Workcation Stay In Himachal

Pawan Khatri
Workcation Himachal

Workcation Himachal

It was December 2020 and I was frustrated with working from home all day for the past 6 months. To put an end to the frustration, I decided to travel to a quiet hill station and work from there for a month or so. I chose Mcleodganj in Himachal Pradesh but when I got there, I realised it is not as quiet or pretty as I wanted. During a stroll next stay I was fortunate to discover Dream Catchers Dharamkot, which is 2 kms above Mcleodganj.

While walking around upper Dharamkot and looking for stay options and asking the locals, I came across a homestay called Dream Catchers. Went in to have a conversation with the owner “Puppy Bhaiya” and fixed it for a month. The overall experience of living and working from the Dream Catchers was so good.


  • Wifi – The stay has high speed wifi in rooms and common areas.
  • Food – There’s a cafe and kitchen that offers good food at reasonable prices.
  • Common Area – There’s a nice and comfortable common working area.
  • Laundry – There’s laundry facility at reasonable charges.
  • Housekeeping – Rooms are regularly cleaned.


It is a good workcation stay in himachal that you can opt for unwinding in the mountains. Work for the day and go on hikes in the evening. You can reach me for more details.

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