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Sands and Stars: Unveiling Alibaug Coastal Camping Paradise

Pawan Khatri
Sands and Stars: Unveiling Alibaug Coastal Camping Paradise


Alibaug, a coastal town located about 95 km from Mumbai, is often called the “Goa of Maharashtra”. With its pristine beaches, quaint villages, historic forts, and mouthwatering seafood, Alibaug has emerged as one of the most popular weekend getaways from Mumbai and Pune. 

But there’s more to Alibaug Camping than just beaches and historic sites. The town is also home to some fabulous coastal camping sites where you can soak in the sun, sand, and starry skies in equal measure. Here’s unveiling the coastal camping paradise of Alibaug.

Varsoli Beach: Sunset Serenity

Just 6 km from Alibaug lies a secluded beach called Varsoli. Flanked by casuarina groves on one side and the Arabian Sea on the other, Varsoli Beach is one of those offbeat campsites where you can enjoy the sunset and sunrise views without the crowds. The beach has golden sands stretching into the horizon, swaying palms, and clean waters ideal for swimming. 

Overnight camping packages on Varsoli are complete with barbeque dinners under the stars, outdoor games, morning breakfast, and watersports. Imagine spending the day swimming, playing beach volleyball, kayaking, and trying out rifle shooting. As the sun goes down, you can unwind around a bonfire relishing barbeque snacks and sipping on chilled beers. Spend the night in cozy tents on the beach listening to the soothing waves. Early risers can go for a refreshing jog on the beach before devouring a delicious breakfast. Varsoli checks all the boxes for that perfect coastal camping experience away from the crowds.

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Kanakeshwar Beach: Solitude by the Shiva Temple

Just 1 km ahead lies another serene camping beach – Kanakeshwar. Also known as Kondeshwar, this beach gets its name from the ancient Shiva temple located here. With a long stretch of golden sands lined with casuarina and coconut trees, Kanakeshwar Beach is ideal for those seeking solitude. 

Several operators like Let’s Camp Out and Tripveda offer overnight camping packages on Kanakeshwar complete with tents, outdoor camping beds, bonfires, and barbeque. It’s the perfect way to experience sunset on the beach, with just you and your loved ones for company. Wake up to the calls of birds, take a dip in the waters, and regale over piping hot breakfast.

Nagaon Beach: Adventure by Day, Peaceful Camping by Night

A little further down the coast lies Nagaon Beach, the most popular beach in Alibaug. Its clean sands, water sports, and beachside cottages draw both leisure and adventure travellers. While the beach bustles with crowds during the day, the nights have a peaceful ambiance perfect for camping under the stars. 

Operators like Pratapya Camp offer equipment like sleeping bags, lanterns, outdoor beds, and bonfire experiences for an overnight stay on Nagaon Beach. Nothing beats falling asleep to the lullaby of the waves and waking up to catch an Instagram-worthy sunrise. You can also try your hand at sailing, paragliding, banana boat rides, jet skiing and kayaking during your stay.  

Kihim Beach: Pristine Tranquility

At 14 km from Alibaug, Kihim Beach offers an offbeat camping experience by the sea. This pristine beach is known for its tranquil vibe and natural beauty. Coconut and betel nut groves dot its golden sands while the rocky stretches nearby serve as points for watching breathtaking sunsets. operators like Youngistaan Camping Company provide weather-proof tents with cozy mattresses for an overnight stay on Kihim Beach. Early morning yoga sessions, volleyball matches, and tug-of-war games are also arranged. Wake up to the sounds of nature, take a refreshing dip in the sea, sip on cutting chai, and chomp on poha for breakfast.

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Vikatgad Beach: A Remote Island Getaway

One of Maharashtra’s best-kept secrets, Vikatgad Beach lies on a remote island about 20 km from Alibaug. Getting here involves taking a ferry ride across the Murud Janjira Sea which makes it an offbeat camping experience. With its secluded setting, landscape of casuarina groves, and surreal stargazing scenes, Vikatgad Beach is every solitude seeker’s dream. Operators like Tripkraft Mumbai provide camping packages on Vikatgad complete with ferry transfers, outdoor camping beds, bonfires, and meals. You can also indulge in bullock cart rides, village walks, coconut plucking experiences, and Kolam tribal dance performances during your stay. 

Aksi Beach: Sunrise Bliss with a View of Murud Janjira Fort

At just 2 km from Vikatgad lies Aksi Beach, famed for its photogenic sunrises, pristine sands, and quaint villages nearby. The beach overlooks the historic Murud Janjira Fort which makes for some incredible views. From climbing the fort walls to walking through its ancient ruins, Murud Janjira is a must-visit during your Aksi Beach camping trip. 

Operators like Fin-Explore India offer equipment like dome tents, inflatable beds, and lanterns for a comfortable overnight stay on Aksi Beach. Stargazing, bonfire nights, barbecue dinners, and local cuisine feasts make it a memorable coastal camping experience.

Monsoon Magic and Safety Considerations

Though peak season is from October to February, Alibaug and its beaches are beautiful during monsoon as well.  Camping on sand bunkers on Mandwa Beach during rain or gazing at drizzle from within your tent on Kashid Beach could be tranquil experiences. But do check about safety instructions and weather advisories in advance. 


So the next time you plan a weekend trip to Alibaug, why not forego the hotel stays and pitch a tent by the sea instead? Coastal camping not only promises fresh air, gorgeous views, and great food but also mental rejuvenation and a soul-stirring experience. It’s time to unveil Alibaug’s sand, sea, and stars in a whole new way with an overnight camping stay on its pristine beaches. Let the waves be your lullaby and the sun your morning wake-up call!